Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1938 Peugeot 202 Berline

A 1938 Peugeot Berline in the movie Fric Frac (1939)
A publicity photo of the time.
"Here is the pretty Berline 202, 4 seats, 4 doors, fast (100 km/h), economic (6 to 8 litres/100 km), as safe and robust as a big car, ideal in town and on the highway"

More specifications:
Years of production: 1938-1940?, late 1945-1949 
Overall production: 62,773 pre-war; 104,126 overall 
4x2 front engine, rear-wheel-drive car, chassis-less body 
Body types: 4-door sunroof saloon (berline), 4-door sliding canvas roof saloon (berline), all-steel station wagon (brake), pickup (camionette), 2-door cabriolet, wooden station wagon. 
Engine: water pump cooled 30 hp/4000 rpm straight 4-cyl. 4-stroke OHV, 1,133 cm3 
Bore/Stroke: 68/78 mm 
Compression ratio: 7 : 1 
Length: 4.115 metres, width: 1.5 m, height: 1.5 m 
Wheelbase: 2.451 m Front wheeltrack: 1.194 m, independent suspension Rear track: 1.194 m, inverted quarter elliptic leaf springs, Hydraulical dumpers 
Road clearance: 170 mm 
Turning radius: 4.41 metres 
Oil pump make: S.E.V. 
Carburettor type: Solex 1AC Gearbox: 3-speed, synchronized II and III 
Ratios: I - 3,52, II - 1,71, III - 1,00, back - 4,44 
Differential ratio: 5.25 Worm final drive 
Steering mechanism: worm-sector 
Brakes: hydraulical 4-wheel, Lockheed Hand brakes: mechanical, 2-wheel 
Electrics, make and voltage: "S.E.V.", 12 Volt Battery capacity: 40 A*h 
Generator type and power: Ducellier R3211 RSP 3 100 Watt 
Spark plugs, type and dimension: AC (KD 7), 14 mm 
Weight, ready for run: 914 kg (Berline) 
Maximum speed: 103 km/h 
Tyre size: 155x400
Fuel consumption: 8.3 litres/100 km, norm - 9 litres/100 km 
Fuel tank capacity: 45 litres 
Cooling system capacity: 8.5 litres. 
Oil capacities: engine carter - 4 litres, gearbox - 0.6 litre.

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