Monday, November 29, 2010

another elaborate book cover

This new book - Cars of the 70s - has its title stamped onto a faux metal plate which in turn is mounted on an indented area of the cover board (after covering with imitation cloth). We are not sure what the 'metal' actually is, possibly a type of ressin.

It would need to be the cover of a lavish book, and it is - 416 pages in oversize format printed all in colour of the products from Detroit during the 1970s; plus a few imports.

The 1970s was a turning point in US car production - the muscle car era and minimal concern with size and fuel consumption and emissions was changed by the oil shock of 1973, a further one in 1979 and growing awareness of air pollution. Small Japanese cars which had only been hitherto an exotic sidebar, suddenly became de rigueur and the American manufacturers had to compete in this market.

This book provides a comprehensive reference, with the illustration count running into 4 digits, of the cars that were seen on American streets and roads during this decade. It is arranged by year, and manufacturer and model within each year. There are companion volumes on the other decades.

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