Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The 232 has bolted

Another issue of the Tintin hebdomadaire - "for youth from 7 to 77" - dated 19 December 1953. This features an SNCF locomotive, a 232 R. (The numerals refer to the axle arrangement; the equivalent English classification counting wheels rather than axles is 4-6-4.)

Four 3-cylinder locomotives - class 232 R - and four 4-cylinder compound locomotives - class 232 S - were planned; in 1940, three 232 R and four 232 S were delivered, the fourth 232 R became a 232 U after WW2, delivered with various improvements. The 232 R, S and U were used for express trains from Paris to Lille and Belgium until 1961 when these lines were electrified.

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