Wednesday, October 4, 2017

if you want to take pictures of Wellington trolleybuses, you only have a few days left

They've been part of the scene since 1949, but not for much longer. According to this stuff article
The dismantling of Wellington's 82 kilometres of electric trolley bus wires will start in a week, with the last of the trolleys to be retired by the end of the month.
NZ Bus announced in April last year it had signed a $43 million deal to fit a "significant number" of its 1100 buses in Auckland and Wellington – including the capital's 60 trolleys – with Wrightspeed motors, which operate mostly on rechargeable electric batteries.
The trolleys were due to be retired in June, but were given a stay of execution until October 31 as uncertainty remained over the progress of the Wrightspeed technology.

And for history, read the book Wellington Transport Memories

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