Wednesday, April 25, 2012

it is still possible to save TVNZ 7

The government funding for this channel runs out in mid-2012, but for just $16.25 million (that's a cent a day per person) every NZer can have an alternative to the dumbed-down dross on the main channels. And compared to the $2 billion that Steven Joyce plans to spend building his autobahns, that is a pittance. Even the USA has Public Broadcasting Service TV.
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Wallace said...

I hope so, it offers far more interesting shows and docos. I suppose it comes down to 'joe public' , does he want informative and interesting TV as apposed to popcorn and numb brained soaps, stupid so called comedy and cheap reality shows mirroring the dregs of society. People like to eat out at nice resturants if they can afford it,sooner than fast food, TV is similar in NZ