Sunday, April 29, 2012

on Algeria's railways of old - 2

an Algerian Garratt for the 1055 mm gauge, built by the Société Franco-Belge in 1931 for the PLM in Algeria, a 4-8-2+2-8-4, 4 equal cylinders.
a bridge in the Chiffa Gorge near Blida
the other side of the bridge

another bridge in the area
"fortified station" (against the climate, warriors or both?) on the line from Oran to Colomb-Bechar
elevated line at Beni Saf port, 1947
a recent view at El Kantara from Google Earth
Mansourah / Bordj Bou Arreridj, maybe 1950s
Oran station - see separate post

a more recent view of Phillipeville station than the above
it could almost be somewhere in France
electric line between Bone (now Annaba) and Tébessa, as well as the mines of Oufnza and Kouif.

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