Monday, April 30, 2012

protest billboard against the Kapiti Coast Council

A billboard in Kapiti Road protesting Mayor Rowan and her lackeys' intention to spend many millions of dollars of ratepayers' money on installing totally unnecessary water meters for every house - the Kapiti Coast isn't outback Australia!

The smaller statements say: "It's an insult to the people of Kapiti to ignore our petition".  "Bring on Super City" [a reference to the plan to amalgamate all local authorities in the region] and "KCDC = Korrupt Conning Dishonest Clowns"

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Wallace said...

I received the fancy multi coloured KCDC brouchure on the CRAG report . Do our council not understand we have several free community newspapers delivered to all households that carry all their guff about justifiying spending huge amounts of our hard earned rates.-including brouchures.
Based on feedback from friends who are retired or on fixed incomes, the report should be called CHARGING REGIME ADVISORY PENSIONERS......aka 'CRAP.'