Monday, April 30, 2012

500,000 page views!

The Google stat counter has now clicked over 500,000 pageviews since June 2010, a lot more than we ever anticipated (the number between May 2009 and then isn't known but probably adds another 10,000).  At the present rate the next milestone of a million should be reached before the end of the year.

Audience by country (top 10)
United States 133,006
New Zealand 52,228
United Kingdom 43,524
Germany 25,911
Australia 20,981
France 14,395
Canada 13,882
Netherlands 7,686
Russia 5,042
Italy 3,627 

Most viewed individual posts in order
Naked Girls Reading (!)
1969 Dodge Charger
Times Square, NYC, 1950s
Recalling the golden age of travel on the Orient Express
Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, late 1950s
The railway station of Perpignan - Salvador Dali
Lower Hutt, 1931
Prague Metro maps, 1988 and now
Palestine and Isreal railway maps
Eric Watson, crook

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