Sunday, April 29, 2012

Texas & Pacific's ten-wheeler 316

Now engine number 201 on the Texas State Railroad line, this 4-6-0 was built in 1901 by the A. L. Cooke Locomotive Works for freight service on the Texas & Pacific Railway.

In 1949, after 48 years of hard service, the Texas & Pacific sold number 316 to the Paris & Mt. Pleasant Railroad, a T. & P. subsidiary. In 1951 the locomotive was saved from the scrappers' torch by a remarkable lady who purchased the loco and, with help from the T. & P., donated it to the city of Abilene in honor of its 75th anniversary as a city. The venerable engine remained on display in Abilene at the Oscar Rose Park for many years, wearing the number 75 to symbolize the 75th Jubilee of the city.

In 1974 the citizens of Abilene donated the locomotive to the newly formed Texas State Railroad State Historical Park. After extensive repair and refurbishing the engine was again rolling down the rails to thrill a new generation of train passengers, deep in the heart of the East Texas piney woods.

Weight: 79 tons
Original boiler pressure: 200 psi (1379 kPa)
Ccurrent boiler pressure: 180 psi (1241 kPa)
Cylinder size: 20" x 26" (508 x 660 mm)
Trcative effort: 28,000 lbs force (125.6 kN).
Tender capacity: water: 5,350 US gallons (20,252 litres); oil: 2,500 US gallons (9464 litres).
Valve gear: Stephenson
Driving wheel diameter: 63" (1600 mm)

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