Saturday, May 23, 2020

the paddle-steamer 'Schiller' on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

This is still in service and considered to be one of, if not the oldest, paddle steamers still running in the world at around 114 years old. The oil painting by Wallace Trickett was produced for an exhibition in 2009 and sold to a collector.

Length: 63 metres
Engines: compound diagonal : 750 / 1120 x 1300 mm : 864 HP : by Sulzer (1906)
Built by Gebruder Sulzer at Winterthur, Switzerland
Launched on 15 February 1906
Wheelhouse added in 1921
Received her first major overhaul in 1976-1977 during which the original boilers were re-tubed.
Back in public service on 1 May 1977
Relaunched on 14 February 2000 after a complete rebuild at the SGV dockyard at Luzern
Webpage on the paddle steamer

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