Monday, February 13, 2017

Zaragoza trams, Spain, 1971

Horse (or mule) trams began here in 1885. "In 1902, Zaragoza had five main lines and one secondary line. In the same year, one of the lines were electrified. The network was expanding quickly in a radial form across the city, with the present Spain square as the center. 

"The 1950s was the heydey of the Zaragoza Tram. From the 1960s, the tram system declined, with little or no investment and was gradually converted to bus operation

"On 23 January 1976 the last Zaragoza tram line (Parque-San José) disappeared and the company changed its name to Transportes Urbanos de Zaragoza (Urban Transport Company of Zaragoza)."

An example of the trams in the picture is preserved in the Museo Vasco del Ferrocarril (Basque Railway Museum) - video below.

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