Thursday, February 23, 2017

Southern Pacific 'Decapod' class F-5 2-10-2

Built by Baldwin; an example seen in Ripon, California, in 1954. A 'decapod' means 10 coupled driving wheels.

"During 1923 and 1924 [Baldwin] delivered fifty-one of them which the SP designated as Class F-5 with road numbers 3718 through 3768 assigned. These locomotives had 63" diameter drivers, 29.5" x 32" cylinders, a 200 psi boiler pressure, they exerted 75,145 pounds of tractive effort and each weighed 397,900 pounds. The 52nd locomotive was number 3769 delivered in 1924. It was fitted with Uniflow valves on delivery and Classified as Class F-6. The valve gear was changed to Walschaert valve gear in 1925. In 1931 the locomotive was fitted with Caprotti valve gear, which was removed when number 3769 was rebuilt and reclassified as a standard Class F-5 in 1937."

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