Tuesday, February 21, 2017

a new take on the 'Goodbye Pork Pie' classic road movie

The two of us in Wellington went to see this 105 minute remake today.  The 'Goodbye' has been dropped from the title of the original movie (released in NZ in 1981) and while this one follows the same general theme, details are different.  Most significantly, the Mini is a new S Cooper and instead of yellow, is painted apricot.  As an acknowledgement of the original, however, the number plate is the same.

The teenager who steals it in the new version is cooler, Maori and less irksome than Gerry in the original, while the girl isn't a blonde nympho but a brunette vegetarian and animal rights activist. The older guy is younger and less philosophical.

For car enthusiasts, what matters is seeing the Mini put through its paces, and in that respect it doesn't disappoint, particularly in the chase scenes through central Wellington.  And you get scenic views of a goods train in the South Island again, although that ends at Glenmark (Waipara) rather than on the West Coast. The car's route from there this time goes through Tekapo and Otago Central to Invercargill.

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