Saturday, January 30, 2016

trolley bus in Cleveland, Ohio, 1936

"One of the more notable trolley coach operations was in Cleveland which started running the electric coaches in 1936 and ended operations in 1963. During this period it was a trolley coach fan's dream with Brills, Pullmans, St Louis' and Marmons running on frequent headway and the chance to see the only pre-war Twin Coach articulated trolley coach that was ever built.

"The first route instituted in Cleveland was the Hough line. It was the replacement for the 4.6 mile rail line. This trolley coach route started operation on March 1, 1936 under the Cleveland Railway Company (CRC). The line was to hold a special place in history as it was the first trolley coach line to actually enter a downtown area of a city with a million plus metropolitan population. This line required 20 cars to hold service and these were manufactured by Pullman and bore the fleet numbers of 900-919. An additional 8 cars were purchased in 1937 from Pullman (920-927) to handle the increased ridership on the line."

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