Friday, July 26, 2013

the NZ hospital ship 'Marama' World War 1

a painting of the Marama as a hospital ship depicted leaving Wellington off Sinclair Head by Frank Barnes in 1915
Marama was the second ship from NZ to be supplied as a hospital ship. A much larger vessel than the first vessel, the Maheno, this was fitted with 600 beds and equipped in 23 days, the result of hundreds of workmen working night and day during that period. She sailed from New Zealand on 5 December 1915 to Alexandria in Egypt to take wounded veterans of the Gallipoli campaign to Southampton, England, and continued in service for the rest of the war.

For full details of NZ ships used in WW1, the book Voyage to Gallipoli is essential.

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Wallace said...

Nice work there by Mr Barnes, you may know I painted one of her too and it sold to an historian who requested one of the Maheno to compliment the Marama.