Monday, July 22, 2013

the British Railways Warship class diesel-hydraulics (Class 42)

The Type 4 Warship class diesel-hydraulic B-B type locomotives were introduced in 1958 after the Western Region of British Railways negotiated a licence with German manufacturers to scale down the Deutsche Bundesbahn's V200 design to suit the tighter loading gauge of the British network, and to allow British manufacturers to construct the new design.  They were divided into two batches: those built at BR's Swindon works numbered in the series D800 to D832 and from D866 to D870, had a maximum tractive effort of 52,400 pounds-force (233,000 N) and eventually became British Rail Class 42. Another 33 units, D833–865, were built by the North British Locomotive Company and became British Rail Class 43. After the end of steam in 1968, the 'D' for diesel was dropped from the road numbers. Two - D821 and D832 - are preserved.

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