Thursday, October 6, 2016

NZ commits to reducing carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 -- but government wants to dieselize the NIMT

It seems it's cheaper to buy more of the Chinese-built DL class diesels than replace the 17 Brush Electrical 26 kV AC electrics in use which are coming up to 30 years old.  The 411 km of the North Island Main Trunk between Palmerston North and Hamilton were electrified in the first half of the 1980s to save imported oil as about 85% of electricity in NZ is generated from renewable sources, particularly hydro-dams.

Does it make any sense when the government has just signed the Paris accord which requires a reduction of emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030?  Of course not.


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Wallace said...

This is the worst Government we have ever had ,so contradictous in their statements to the world saying we are clean and green?
Lets show the world we care by having a marine reserve..but its okay for petroleum companies to drill for oil in the same spot.
Lets show the world we care by having beautiful national parks for our tourists to think we don't tell lies , and let oil companies know its okay they can frack for oil in them-that's if the Minister knows its actually a National Park (Simon Bridges !!!!)
Lets show the world we are pro Public Transport, even if we won't help fix a vital rail link damaged in awash out south of Gisborne placing more big trucks on the road justifying more road tax,fuel tax ,road maintenance costs, accidents etc,because running one train against hundreds of trucks is not logical to our Govt.
Lets show the world we care for our wildlife (who arrived herelong before man),but funding is not available for Dept of Conservation so they must do what they can whilst we spend it on new roads, rocket launch sites, and prisons.
Lets show the world we care by allowing Wellington to rid itself of Trolley buses and go either diesel ,bio fuel or Electric, when a good system is already in place ,under utilized and many countries are reverting to trolley buses...and don't think of lightrail (to airport)where only one driver is needed and cars can be banned from CBD, that is certainly backward thinking as far as the WRC is concerned.
So back to the Main trunk .hardly surprising National will look at a quick fix and say they are looking after Kiwirails interests ,we know what interests it is, eventually concrete the entire network. Sad place here now for commonsense..