Thursday, March 17, 2016

the criminal Muslim migrant problem in Sweden is now so bad that law and order faces collapse

In some areas, every day police are meet with stones, Molotov cocktails and even hand grenades.

Police Inspector in Stockholm, Lars Alvarsjö, issues a severe warning that the Swedish legal system – which is a cornerstone of a democratic society – is about to collapse.

It's clear that if Sweden doesn't start deporting these criminal savages, then martial law is going to be the only option. 

A Danish TV item.


Wallace said...

Your blog is so enlightning to what is happening worldwide, our media here seem to bliss fully ignore anything not related to sport , flag change or how tourism will save the country. Yeah right .
I listen to the world reports(Beach FM after 8pm) whilst painting, its the only media to actually report on the real world.

transpress nz said...

Thanks Wallace. It is quite annoying how the mainstream media slants the news to meet a political agenda. There's nothing new about that. In the old days, the standard wisdom was the American media gave you one version,the Russian media another and if you wanted the truth then you got that from the BBC. Not anymore: the BBC, CNN, ABC, TVNZ etc are just as manipulated by what governments want the public to know and what they don't. The short message is: never take what the main TV channels are telling you as the whole story. We try to do our bit to fill in what's missing when it's on an important issue like the so called "refugees" from Africa and the Middle East.

Wallace said...

You do an excellent job as am sure those who follow the site would agree, with a good mixture of light humour and entertainment to balance the disturbing issues facing the world.