Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Soviet Zis 127 bus

Design of the bus began in 1953 and they were produced from 1956-1960. After four years, only 851 examples were released. The cabin was equipped with 16 double seats with headrests, heating and ventilating systems and radios. Allowing for underfloor baggage compartments, the floor under the seats was 975 mm from the road. The engine was transverse rear mounted. 

There were four types of ZIS-127 bus. The first had six windows (assuming straight side windows), three baggage hatches on the right skirt, headlamp, searchlight on the roof and decorative front end over the logo. The second type had the same six windows, but a solid cabin back. The third option, the best known (in the pictures) had seven windows and four baggage hatches on the right skirt. And finally, a fourth option - the city bus with two doors (in the literature often referred to as the ZIS-129). In addition to the above, in each case there were two glazing versions - with or without vents.

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