Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Storstrøm bridge, Denmark

Connecting the islands of Falster and Masnedø in Denmark, the 3.2 km long, 9 metre wide Storstrøm bridge, opened in September 1937, was at the time the longest bridge in Europe. It has one rail line and two road lanes, and until the Farøbroerne or Farø road bridges were opened in 1985 was part of the main road between the islands of Falster and Sjælland (Zealand).

A 7½ minute compilation of filmclips, silent but shot on colour Agfa film, of the opening ceremonies (on the Danish King's birthday) is on this webpage and a 6½ minute arty type film from 1950, which includes aerial flyovers and a few ships and trains is on this webpage.

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