Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alger (Algiers) 100 years ago

View taken from the amirauté (admiralty)
 The amirauté and the port des torpilleurs (port of small warships?)
 Palais consulaire and Boulevard de la République
 étude clair de lune, le mole et le phare (moonlight study the mole and the lighthouse)
Further to yesterday's post, here are some old scenes of the port area.


Anonymous said...

These images are amazing!!! can you please tell me where did you get them? I mean, is it a photo book about Algiers...Thank you

transpressnz said...

They are photochroms, the Zürich Stadtsbibliothek has some on its website as does the US Library of Congress. Both only have them in their original states; we have enhanced these with Photoshop.