Monday, August 13, 2018

1952 AEC Regal IV 9821E

Seen in Christchurch -- when not stated.  This bus is preserved operational at the Ferrymead museum.  For more see earlier posts, and of course our books

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nzcarnerd said...

That is not Cathedral Square. It is the old University buildings - what is now the Arts Centre. The bus is parked on the 'wrong' side of the street, and I am fairly sure that is Worcester St, in what is now called Worcester Boulevard. Near the western end and not far from Rolleston Avenue. The date is no earlier than 1965 because the bus has a black number plate. I think that bus went out of service in the mid 1970s. If you do a streetview search for 20 Worcester Boulevard you will find the location. It was only when I looked this up that I realised that the street names and numbers have been changed - the western end is Worcester Boulevard, and Worcester St now starts at the eastern end of Cathedral Square.