Saturday, January 27, 2018

NSB El 14 electric locomotive

A total 31 units of this class (numbered 14 2164 to 14 2190 and 14 2197 to 14 2200) were built between 1968 and 1973 by Thunes Mekaniske Værksted A/S. With a Co-Co axle arrangement, based on the Swiss Ae 6/6, the El 14 introduced three-axle bogies (trucks) in Norway with output power of 5,097 kW (6,835 hp) and a modest weight of 105 tonnes; 

The El 14 remained more powerful than successors El 16 and El 17. until the delivery of the more powerful El 18 in 1996-97, when the El 14s were transferred to freight service alone, and the maximum speed reduced from 120 to 100 km/h (75 to 62 mph). Only one has been removed from service when it hit a large pile of rocks from a landslide near Evanger, Hordaland, in December 2005 and was scrapped. (wikipedia)

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