Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NZ has the world's second highest number of motor vehicles per capita of major countries

No surprise that the USA is first. Australia is third. (San Marino, Monaco and Liechtenstein are wealthy mini-states; and Iceland isn't large.)  

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Wallace said...

Looking back on photos I took just 30 years ago here in NZ, one can see the rapid increase in car numbers here, not a comfortable feel to it,nor the driving attitude by some in high powered vehicles , made driving less pleasurable and more a survival course, as well as parking headaches in main centres. Where I live there are five homes with one driveway, a total of 11 adults, four dogs and two cats.Looking around there are no less than 19 vehicles amongst us all. Three are work vehicles, one camper van leaving 15 cars -two not running. Excessive and not what you can call New Zealand clean and green!!?