Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hitler's train 'Amerika' in Jellowa, September 1939

Talking to Nazi Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop.
During the campaign in Poland.  At the time this was in Germany, today in Poland.  A Polish webpage with info here

"The Führerzug was a special train designed for Hitler which consisted of 15 cars: the Führer’s car, press secretary’s car, a car with a communication center, two saloon (diner) cars, a bath-car, two cars for escort and military units, two sleeping cars, two luggage cars, a car for security guards, and two armoured platform cars with antiaircraft guns. The Führer’s car was not armoured, however."

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Anonymous said...

You can remove that question mark, it is indeed von Ribbentrop, or "von Brickendrop," as the British called him. You can tell by the oversized eagle at the peak of his cap and that his uniform is double-breasted. He came up with ridiculous-looking outfits for the German Foreign Ministry after the Munich Conference in '38; every other Nazi agency had a uniform, so why not his?