Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Everyone get your gun

only in America -- from the Breitbart people:

Just about everyone has heard that you can make an unregistered AR-15 rifle at home, but did you know you can also make an unregistered Glock handgun too?
Yes, you read that right, you can build your own Ghost Glock and it takes less than an hour and costs less that a new one from Bass Pro!

No Paperwork, No Serial Number, And 100% Legal
You can make as many as you want for personal use.
With just a drill, file and hacksaw and an hour in your garage you truly can have you own Ghost Glock…
Protect your family, protect your home and keep the Feds off your back…
And I’ll show you how for FREE how right here.

Always Safe, Always Prepared,
Frank Mitchell
P.S. This is currently 100% legal in all 50 states and I’d love to give it to you for free right now…
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