Saturday, March 18, 2017

the cost to Germany of Merkel's Muslim migrants is put at €1.5 trillion

Financial economist Bernd Raffelhüschen claims the overall debt in Germany stands at €6.2 trillion, equivalent to more than £5trillion.

The western nation has experienced its longest boom since the sixties, as employment reached a new high and social security reported record revenues.

But Mr Raffelhüschen claims the tables could soon turn as Germany begins to take into account the cost of the refugee wave of 2015.

He states the long term costs of the original crisis totals around €878 billion, which threatens to soar up to €1.5 trillion depending on how well the "second generation" fits in with life in Germany.


This of course only looks at the economic cost and ignores the suffering inflicted on the country's women and children by the lowlife scum she has let flood in.  Merkel seems to think that the Germans deserve more collective punishment for the sins of their ancestors -- however, as Simon Wiesenthal said, "only the guilty are guilty" and you can not blame those who weren't even born at the time.

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