Sunday, March 19, 2017

'allahu akbarist' gets shot after terrorist attack at Paris airport

A radicalised Muslim known to intelligence agencies has been shot dead at Paris Orly airport after seizing an air force patrolwoman’s gun — just hours after he shot a police officer in the face in a northern suburb.

Authorities identified the man as Ziyed Ben Belgacem, a 39-year-old French national of north African origin born in Paris.

The Paris prosecutor, François Molins, said that during the confrontation at the airport, Belgacem shouted at the patrolmen: “I’m there to die by Allah. In any case there will be deaths.”

He was carrying a Koran, a container of petrol and matches in a backpack, which he threw to the ground before attacking the patrolwoman and holding a pellet gun to her temple.

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