Monday, March 27, 2017

when a train collides with a UFO – Kentucky, January 2002

A train colliding with a vehicle on a grade crossing is a daily occurrence in America, but this case was rather different:

It was a cold Winter's night back in 2002, January 14, when a CSX Train which was pulling a 16,000-ton line of coal and freight cars from Russell to Shelbiana, Kentucky, that it had an encounter with something completely ‘unexplained’ and had destructive consequences!
Near milepost 42 the double track was running beside the Big Sandy River and a cliff face carved out of the mountainside to provide room for the tracks, when out of nowhere at 2.47 am that the Conductor at the time saw some strange lights up ahead when approaching a tight bend in the rail tracks.
Guessing that it was just another train up ahead, the conductor flashed the trains lights and blew the horn as a warning to the ‘apparent’ vehicle up ahead.
BUT this event went VERY strange all of a sudden, and the train experienced some kind of intermittent electricity power cut, and the diesel engines of both locomotives suddenly died! The proximity alarm then began to scream out into the winter’s night.  The train crew looked out again at the front of the train and saw a VERY unusual sight – Hovering over the river and the tracks were a group of ‘unidentifiable objects’.
The crew described the objects as ‘metallic’ in appearance, with multiple coloured lights on both the bottom and middle section of the craft (please see image above!).  The objects all appeared to have some kind of search lights looking ahead of them.
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