Thursday, March 2, 2017

Amsterdam type 1G tram

Seen in the Leidesplein. "The Amsterdam designed tram type had a streamlined car body of Beijnes with all modern technical equipment such as a pantograph (four legs, later replaced by a two-leg with double contact strips), powerful motors and a large line route display with the traditional line colour . The first 1957 series of these gray-white trams, 551-575, started operating from Havenstraat depot on the lines 1 and 2 because they were not suitable for the narrow Leidsestraat. Further trams 576-587 were in delivered 1959. To increase the capacity in the short term, trams 552-587 were given centre sections built by DÜWAG in 1973/74 in Düsseldorf (Beijnes and Werkspoor had both closed). The trams were renumbered 851-875 & 876-887." -- source

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