Friday, July 8, 2016

the Las Vegas monorail

A 4-car train approaches the north terminus of Sahara. (Geoff Churchman pic)
This 3.9-mile (6.3 km) line electrified at 750 V DC is located adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip connecting several large casinos/hotels in the unincorporated communities of Paradise and Winchester, and does not enter the actual City of Las Vegas.

It was opened to revenue traffic in 2004 and is owned and operated by the Las Vegas Monorail Company, a not-for-profit corporation, allowed under Nevada law since the monorail provides a public service. The State of Nevada assisted in bond financing, but no public money was used in construction; citizens may eventually have to pay taxes that fund the monorail.

In 2013, total annual ridership was roughly 4.2 million, down from a peak of 7.9 million in 2007.


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