Saturday, July 30, 2016

Danish parliament to consider a ban on Muslim immigration

Muslims burn the Danish flag
"Stop indvandringen fra islamiske lande"

After this summer’s terrorist attacks in Europe, Danish politician Søren Espersen has proposed all immigration from Muslim countries should be completely stopped in Denmark.

The American presidential candidate Donald Trump has attracted attention through his proposal to ban entry for Muslims.

Now, Søren Espersen, a journalist and member of the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, which holds 37 of the 179 seats) has made a similar proposal in Denmark.

“We must, for a long time – perhaps four to six years – absolutely refuse to accept refugees and immigrants from Muslim countries, until we have an overview of our future efforts,” writes Espersen in a debate article in Berlingske.

The politician also proposes measures against Muslims that are already in Denmark. Among other things, he wants to tear up the citizenship of the imams who preach violence and make it an obligation for Muslim communities to report to the authorities if they notice that a young person shows signs of radical jihadism.

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