Tuesday, July 19, 2016

security for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics gets boosted following the attack in Nice

Security has been strengthened in the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro ahead of the upcoming Olympic Games and exercises involving mock Muslim terrorist attacks are being conducted there.

Hundreds of security officials arrived in the city on Friday and they are on high alert following the recent terror attack in Nice, France that left scores of people dead.

“Anyone going to watch the Olympic Games will have to pass through a barrier in which they have to identify themselves, and their details will be compared with a bank of details provided by the United States, France and what we have here,” said the Brazilian defense minister, Raul Jungmann.

Brazilian security agents have been engaged in international training exercises led by US and French anti-terrorism units, as the country prepares to host about 300,000 people during the games scheduled to begin on 5 August.

Authorities in Brazil will also work hand in hand with a network of international intelligence services to screen visitors and spectators. A command and control centre where the city will be monitored has also been set up in the country’s military headquarters in downtown Rio.

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