Thursday, July 14, 2016

Israeli journalist places fake bombs on planes at Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, to expose security deficiencies

The journalist, David Suleiman, came to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion air hub, viewed as one of the world’s safest airports, and said he needed a job.

“The job interview took only 2-3 minutes, I signed some documents, and that’s it. No questions, nothing. It took the security a month to do a check and to get me the highest security clearance there is in an airport.” Suleiman told RT.

After having passed security checks, he was immediately hired as a cleaner by the airport’s sanitation contractor after presenting another man’s ID card. This happened despite the fact Suleiman is bald and hardly resembled his thick-haired friend Tamir, whose ID he used.

He managed to plant 9 fake bombs in cigarette packets and soda cans.  Such a device was responsible for bringing down a Russian passenger jet flying from the resort of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt last October; ISIS claimed responsibility.

RT story and video

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