Monday, July 18, 2016

Finnish Dm4 class diesel railcars

Seen in Helsinki in the 1950s. These were a variant of the Dm3 railcars. Initially 10 of each were ordered in 1949 from Valmet; with an extra order of 4 x Dm4 class, a total of 24 units were built: a total of 14 railcars of the Dm4 and 10 of the Dm3. Road numbers for the Dm3 were 1500 to 1509 (delivered in 1952) and 1600 to 1613 for the Dm4 (delivered 1952-1954).

Dm4 railcars had two engines; Dm3 had one and a luggage compartment in the space where the motor would be. In the period 1956-1959 all Dm3 cars were converted to Dm4 series by adding a motor to replace the luggage compartment.

Top speed: 110 km/h
Weight: 47.5 tonnes
Length 21 metres
Axle arrangement: 1A - A1
Wheelbase: 16.4 metres
Engines: 2 x 260 kW (350 hp) General Motors (2-stroke 12-cylinder diesel engine)

HO scale model pic from this page

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