Monday, July 11, 2016

Belgian AM 35 stamp

Having mentioned it, here is a stamp from the 1940s showing the first electric multiple unit in the country.  AM stood for automotrice and 35 was the year of entering service.  The current was the country's standard 3 kV DC and the 12 sets were originally four-part with a Bo-Bo type powered car at each end of two trailers. The 8 traction motors @ 121 kW (162 hp) each (continuous output) provided a total 968 kW (1290 hp). The total train length was 91 metres.

In 1938 two more unpowered cars were put in between the power cars, making 6-car trains.  Top speed was initially 120 km/h, later increased to 130 km/h.

In 1967 in a second career, 8 of the 12 sets were converted into postal railcars for the Belgian Post Office with only the two powered cars being used for them.  These were withdrawn in 1988.

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