Friday, July 1, 2016

anti-jihad messages get put on 100 London taxis

As a counter to the Islamist messages that were put on London's big red buses following the election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor, anti-jihad activist Pamela Geller has announced a new ad campaign that kicked off in London on Monday.

The ads will appear on 100 London taxis and will feature quotes from Muhammad.

Geller, who co-founded the American Freedom Defense Initiative in an effort to battle radical Islam in the United States, announced the ad campaign last week on the group’s website.

“Despite the overwhelming push-back and danger, we continue to fight on fiercely,” she wrote. “The war is in the homeland, and it’s only just begun.”

And the fight is not cheap, Geller explained. “London buses refused our ads, despite running Islamic prayers on their bus-sides. So we are putting our ads on 100 London taxis... they go up this week, but it’s bloody expensive,” Geller wrote.

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