Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Vancouver streetcars, Canada

Hastings Street, 1949

the back of a PCC car

Postcard pics from the British Columbia Electric Railway era, which operated the city's standard gauge trams as well as interurbans from 1897.  BCER began a 'rails to rubber' conversion program in the mid-1940s which was complete for the streetcars by 1955.  Interurbans lasted only 3 years longer.

A heritage streetcar line, the Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway, owned by the city and operated by Transit Museum Society volunteers ran from 1998 to 2011 between Granville Island and Olympic Village Station north of 6th Ave just east of Ash Street.  It seems unlikely that it will be revived.

Car number 53 was built in 1904, now in the Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant.

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Great collection 0f Vancouver postcards; thanks for posting.