Saturday, May 7, 2016

a Muslim is elected mayor of London

On second preference votes, the Muslim, Sadiq Kahn, got 56% to the 43% polled by Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith.


We also received the e-mail below from Jayda Fransen, the Deputy Leader of the Britain First Party on the result:-

Now that the dust has settled on the London elections we can provide a
brief analysis of the results.

Firstly, we must bear in mind that this was our first major election effort
as a growing movement, so we were not expecting to romp home to victory on
all fronts.

We said from day one that the primary objective in this campaign was to use
the elections to reach millions of new people across South East England
that we achieved that many times over.

Secondly, there is no point gauging our performance by looking at our vote
in multicultural, heavily Muslim areas because there are hardly any Britons
left in those areas.

We must examine our performance in areas where the majority of the
population is overwhelmingly British to see how well we polled - and to
give an indication of how well we would poll in other British areas.

Lastly, as became blatantly obvious with the election of Labour's Islamist
mayor, there is an increasingly shrinking number of Britons left in the
capital overall and far too many Muslims.

Britons make up less than 45% of the capital and at least half of those who
remain will be the "trendy" leftwing chattering class types, the gormless
liberals and bigoted white socialists in areas such as Camden, Islington

With such a small and rapidly declining pool of voters to appeal to we
rightly said this election was London's "Last Stand" and the prospects of
major gains, even with major resources, were slim.

Despite all these factors, we have many reasons to be happy and content
with our performance.

Here are a few insights on the election outcome:

Britain First gained huge numbers of second preference mayoral votes, more
than double the number of first preference votes. This bodes very well for
the future.

In total, if you combine the first and second preference votes in the
mayoral contest, 105,255 people put their crosses in the Britain First box
on polling day, a vote we can be very proud of, considering it is our first

In suburban areas that are still overwhelmingly British, Britain First was
beaten ONLY by the main parties. Areas such as Bexley, Bromley, Croydon,
Sutton, Havering etc. This is a great achievement.

In areas that are heavily Muslim, multicultural or "trendy", the Britain
First vote collapsed, naturally. Unfortunately these areas make up a
majority of the new, colonised Islamised-multicultural London. We were in
effect, swimming against the tide.

Britain First decisively thrashed the BNP which used to have a seat on the
London assembly. The BNP was even beaten by the "Cannabis is safer than
alcohol" party and achieved a measly 0.6% of the vote.

In the majority of suburban areas that are still overwhelmingly British,
Paul Golding polled far more than infamous traitor George Galloway.

Despite George Galloway's extensive links and support among Muslims, plus
his international fame, Paul Golding virtually tied with him in the mayoral
race and again Britain First tied with his party in the assembly election.
This is a great achievement for a first effort.

Due to the "crowded" nature of the election, Britain First would have to
have secured 160,000 votes to win a seat, not the expected 100,000. This
made it virtually impossible to win a seat on the assembly. There were a
record number of mayoral candidates as well as parties standing in this
election, which helped to skew the percentages needed to win a single seat.

The announcement of the mayoral vote was delayed until midnight because of
"discrepancies" in the votes coming back from certain councils - some would
say a fitting start for an Islamist mayor.

When the mayoral vote was announced, post midnight, party leader Paul
Golding turned his back on Sadiq Khan during his victory speech, something
which shocked the "Old Gang" contingents in the audience not to mention the

All of the news coverage of the announcement was thus dominated not by
Khan's speech, but by our dignified protest against him.

All the many thousands of photos taken by an army of journalists showed
Khan with Paul's back turned away from him.

Dozens of the Labour, Green and Lib-Dem activists present shouted their
anger at our protest against the new Islamist mayor.

Showing your back is an age-old form of polite protest and the Left is
particularly fond of this tactic.

Thanks to Paul and his strong nerves they got a taste of their own medicine
and Khan's speech was spoiled.

Once again we would like to thank the legions of members, supporters and
donors that sacrificed so much to make this campaign a reality.

Britain First is "knocking the door" of the political mainstream and our
London election campaign has cemented our position as a serious political

God bless everyone who helped us achieve what we did and now we can focus
on overhauling our administration, ramping up our activities and marching
forward into the summer.

Jayda Fransen
Deputy Leader

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