Thursday, May 26, 2016

lightning strike disrupts service on the new Denver Airport railway

DENVER — A power outage on the new train line between Denver and the city's airport stranded about 80 passengers on an overpass yesterday before they were shepherded to board buses instead.

Officials with the Regional Transportation District, which operates the line, say the power went out and stopped a train on a 50-foot [15 metre] overpass near the airport's cellphone lot on Tuesday afternoon. Passengers walked down the overpass to a nearby bus that took them to the airport.

RTD spokesman Nate Currey tells KUSA-TV a broken cable caused the outage. Partial service was restored, but passengers were still being bussed to the airport Tuesday evening.

The train has experienced a handful of outages as well as problems with crossing gates since the 23.5 mile (37.82 km), $1.2 billion line opened on 22 April.  It is standard gauge, double track and electrified at 25 kV, 60 Hz. The rolling stock was built by Hyundai Rotem of South Korea.  (RTD pic)

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