Saturday, April 9, 2016

the former Toot & Whistle miniature railway, Rotorua

This lasted from 1960 to 2004 when increasing volcanic activity in Kuirau Park and safety concerns led to its closure.  An application to shift it to the lakefront was narrowly defeated in a vote by the city council.


Wallace said...

I recall the very large splendid 00 gauge model railway at the Agrodome which featured all aspects of Britain with dozens of locomotives, rolling stock and impressive scenery. Not sure where the layout went but it was all gone by the early 90's. A true labour of love.

Bryan Stevenson said...

The railway is now at Trainworld in Napier and is all still running . The chap that built it all after some time took it to Auckland but sadly he passed away and it was then sold to Trainworld and shifted there, and the couple who had the scenery work Don and Hazel Burton went down a did a fresh up of the scenery after the shifting so still well worth a visit