Friday, April 29, 2016

a Muslim 21st century "Trojan Horse" in Greece

A shipment of weapons instead of "furniture equipment" -- thanks to Wallace for sending this in.

How much more is it going to take to convince people that these are not refugees but armed invaders.

This “furniture shipment” was supposed to go to the refugee camps in Greece to make their life more bearable and ease their hardships.

52 tons of guns and ammunition in big 40’ double containers followed the migrants to Europe, pretending to be furniture but, was discovered by the Greek border securities in 14 containers.

If this doesn’t convince you that this Migration is nothing less than an Armed Invasion then nothing will.

Wonder still why all those young (military age) men without children or wives are taking on the task of traveling all those miles posing as refugees?

They are coming.......Like they said they would.

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