Sunday, April 24, 2016

Norwegian court decides mass-murderer Anders Breivik's prison violated his human rights

He got a computer, a PlayStation, and his own kitchen—but that was not enough for the Norway court that called his prison conditions ‘degrading.’

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In 2011 Breivik decided that the way to protest Muslim behaviour was to punish the Norwegians he saw responsible for encouraging it—by behaving exactly like a Muslim terrorist.  A bomb in the government quarter of Oslo killed 8 and then he went to a socialist youth camp on an island and slaughtered 69 of the attendees by shooting them.  The only difference between him and a Muslim nut is that he didn't shout ‘allahu akbar’ and didn't have a shoot-out with the police; otherwise the end result was the same.

No-one should have any sympathy for him.

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