Saturday, April 2, 2016

report that the Israeli air force attacked ISIS-affiliates in Egyptian Sinai

A news agency known for its close ties to the Islamic State claimed that Israeli aircraft on Tuesday struck outposts of Wilayat Sinai, the IS’s branch in the Egyptian Sinai.

With no documentary evidence to back up its claim, the Amaq News Agency reported that seven “Israeli drones, war-planes and helicopters” bombed targets in the IS-heavy north-eastern Sinai.

Contacted by Brietbart Jerusalem, a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces declined to comment, explaining it is the IDF’s general policy to refrain from commenting on reports of operations outside the boundaries of Israel and the Gaza Strip.

IS has kept mum on the alleged incident, the agency added, and the number of casualties remains unclear.

Amaq reported in the past that Israeli aircraft previously entered Sinai on reconnaissance missions and have struck IS outposts.

It's no secret that Israel supplies intelligence to the Egyptian military on the whereabouts of ISIS affiliates in this region, and the logical next step would be Egypt allowing Israel to conduct its own direct attacks on them.  However, it's not the sort of thing either country will want to talk publicly about.

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