Monday, April 11, 2016

Kansas City streetcars

"Kansas City electric streetcars ran from the early 1900's to their end on 23 June 1957. Kansas City had one of the finest streetcar systems in the U.S. covering many miles in the city.

Streetcars were introduced to Kansas City in 1870. The PCC type streetcars began roaming Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas in 1941 and dramatically changed the local "Street Scene." 

Before the arrival of the PCC type cars, the average age of the traditional trolley cars operating on the Kansas City Public Service was 32 years. The new PCC cars brought Kansas City streets out of the 'Cowboy era' and into the 'Space age'. The sleek new aerodynamic style of the PCC cars matched that of the popular sporty Detroit automobiles. The city is now planning to bring back some type of rail system, but it can never match what they once had."

The new two-mile line will run largely on Main Street from the River Market to Union Station.  Website

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