Sunday, April 3, 2016

a French TV team inspects the damage done to the Palmyra ancient ruins by the Muslim terrorists

"It is now a symbol of barbarism by the Islamic State troops. A team of journalists from France 2 has been able to enter the ruins of the ancient city of Palmyra (Syria), mutilated by the jihadist group. Overturned capitals, dismantled columns, lintels broken ... the damage is considerable, even if experts estimate that 80% of the site has been preserved.

"The Temple of Bel, one of the most impressive, is now only a heap of stone. Proof of passing jihadists, fighters have written in black paint on the few structures still standing: "Islamic State. Entry forbidden to civilians and brothers [the combatants]."

"There are only four columns from the Baalshamim temple

"There is nothing left in contrast to the cella [the inner area of an ancient temple, especially one housing the hidden cult image in a Greek or Roman temple] of the temple of Baalshamim, the closed and the most important part of the temple. Only four columns have escaped the massacre. All the rest was dynamited.

"The central part and the arch of the Arc of Triumph erected at the entrance of the city is also on the ground to land, but the monument should be rebuilt, authorities said.

"Journalists also discovered the Roman theater, intact. This is where public executions were carried out by children of members of the terrorist group. The place is riddled with bullets.

"Transformed into a religious court by the jihadists, the National Museum is in a pitiable state, after suffering much vandalism. Typical statues of Palmyrien art were thrown to the ground, the portraits were mutilated and funerary banquet scenes were broken or hammered."

original story plus video

There is also this Reuters article saying that the Muslim bandits laid thousands of mines and booby traps in the city and clearing them is going to take some time.

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