Sunday, April 3, 2016

a French Muslim terrorist gunned down in his car by special forces had quite an arsenal

one notes both the Saudi Arabian and ISIS flags -- who's surprised?
French-Algerian Hakim Benladghem was gunned down in his 4x4 on the A8 Lille-Brussels motorway in Belgium on Tuesday as he reached out to grab a weapon on the passenger seat.

Tapped phone calls led police to believe that Benladghem was on his way to Brussels where he was about to embark on a sustained series of terror attacks across Europe.

Among the items found in his apartment were an MP5 submachine gun, used by special forces soldiers around the world, an M-16 type automatic rifle and a Kalashnikov AK47 with folding stock and a pump action shotgun.

Alongside hundreds of rounds of ammunition, Benladghem had kept a flak jacket with dozens of spare magazines, a helmet with attached night-vision goggles.

There were also vicious barbed staples for use in a range of anti personnel devices as well as food rations and medical equipment. Police had feared the apartment had been booby trapped.

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