Saturday, February 27, 2016

for some light relief: Muslim toilet routine

apartheid toilets in some airports

The impression given by the news coverage of the mess made by the Muslims invading Europe is that they simply relieve themselves wherever it suits them, and while many of them do, for the devout ones, there is a routine involved.

For one thing, they are supposed to squat over a hole rather than sit on a seat, also they are not supposed to face Mecca, or have their bottoms facing that way, so they need to be orientated at an oblique angle. And they are supposed to use water to wash the area involved after, for example with a hose, rather than use toilet paper, and use only their left hand.

Their ritual is quite involved, and detailed on this webpage

Muslim females in Sydney hold up a picture of the Coptic Christian pope in the toilet -- by Muslim standards this is being quite respectful of another religion

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