Sunday, February 28, 2016

apart from Yemen and Syria, where else do Saudi Arabia and Iran indulge in proxy wars?

It has long been known that Saudi Arabia funds the building of mosques and promotes its extremist salafist/wahhabist ideology among Muslims around the world, including in Australia where new 'mosqtrocities' have been springing up faster than McDonalds outlets.

Now there is this report from Israeli intelligence that Iran is doing the same, and Iran's ability to do this has been given a huge boost from the release of hundreds of millions of dollars of frozen assets in the "we'll trust you not to build nuclear bombs" deal from late last year.

While Israel is naturally concerned about Iranian-backed Muslims targeting Israelis and Israeli assets in other countries, it seems more probable that Iran has Saudi-backed Muslims primarily in its sights. In a post last October, we mentioned that Bahrain discovered an arms stockpile hidden there and blamed Iran.

As if Western security services don't already have enough on their hands with the adherents of "the religion of peace"...

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