Thursday, February 25, 2016

Buffalo Creek and Gauley 2-8-0

The Buffalo Creek and Gauley Railroad (BC&G) was a shortline chartered in 1904 and ran a bit under 20 miles (32 km) along Buffalo Creek in Clay County, West Virginia. The original Buffalo Creek and Gauley ended service in 1965.

The BC&G was one of the last all-steam railroads; it never operated a diesel locomotive and for this reason became popular with steam enthusiasts in its last years. Its primary purpose was to bring coal out of the mountains above Widen to an interchange with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at Dundon.

For four decades the line sat dormant and abandoned until 2005 when the Buffalo Creek and Gauley Railroad Co-Operative was formed to revive the entire railroad between Dundon and Widen for a tourist railroad.

BC&G's Consolidation #13 was built by Alco in 1920.  It is now privately owned and stored inaccessible to public view at the Age of Steam Roundhouse in Sugar Creek, Ohio.  More on #13

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